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Create a personal QR code and link your contact details, social media links and current status. Print & drop it where you want, when you want to be contacted.


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Create & Update Your Profile

Create your profile by simply filling our sign up form. You can update your profile whenever you want, with as much detail as you want.Download Your Personal QR Code.

Update Your Profile
Download Your QR Code

Download your high resolution & ready to print QR code which is specially created for you and linked with your profile forever.

Be As Accessible As You Want
Print & Attach It

Print your QR code by yourself or use an online printing service. Attach it wherever you want. It will be enough for people who want to reach you to scan the QR code.

Compatible With All Smart Phones

Compatible With All Smart Phones

Our personal QR code is compatible with all smart phones. No app is needed to view a profile.

  • Simply attach your personal QR code wherever you want.

  • Update your profile, current status and social media links according to your need.

  • Activate your profile whenever you want to get contacted.

Technologies We Use:

Personalized Digital Profile

A personalized digital profile includes your current status and contact information. You can temporarily disable your profile at any time so that your accessibility is under your control. Your personalized digital profile may contain the following information;

Phone Number*
Current Status
E-mail Address
Whatsapp Connection
Telegram Connection
Facebook Profile
Instagram Profile
Twitter Profile

* Phone number information is required. Others are optional.

Personalized Digital Profile

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Got Questions?

How can we help you?

Why should I create a personal QR code?

Personal QR code is specially created for you and linked with your personal profile. It takes seconds for someone to reach your allowed contact information via a smart phone.

What are the use cases of

You can use your personal QR code wherever, whenever you need to be reachable for a specific reason. For example, you can stick it on your car window. Thus, when there is a problem with your car, people can easily contact you or see your current status.

To sum up, the usage cases are unlimited. You can determine your own special usage case according to your needs and creativity.

How long does the personal QR code last?

Technically unlimited. But we need your support to keep this service free. You can buy us a coffee or recommend to your friends.

Can I create more than one QR code?

Sure. You can create as many personal QR codes as you need, but there can only be 1 profile linked for each QR code.

What should I do if I lose my QR code?

Simply login to your profile and download it. You can access the digital version of the QR code from your profile at any time.

Have more questions? Drop us an e-mail.

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How To Print Yourself?

There are 2 ways to print your personal QR code. Print it with your printer or pay for an oline service for a more professional solution. If you are looking for an online service, Printfy will be a good choise. Click the button below to visit Printify.

Print on Printify
Affordable Alternative - Print Yourself